Are you interested in becoming an apprentice electrician?

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Electrical Apprenticeships NSW / QLD / ACT is a not-for-profit organisation owned by the peak industry association, NECA.

Electrical Apprenticeships NSW / QLD / ACT currently employs over 600 Electrician Apprentices and is seeking to recruit up to 150 more to commence in early 2017.

If you have completed year 10, have a good understanding of English and maths, and have a strong desire to become an electrician, please send your contact details and brief outline to:

If you are an out-of-work apprentice, who has successfully passed all TAFE modules and is seeking employment, we are also interested in hearing from you. Please email:

We are now recruiting for our 2017 intake

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NECA Group Training is owned by the industry body, the Electrical and Communications Association (NECA). The Company was established to train apprentice in the trade of Electrical Mechanic (Electricians) and to have these apprentices successfully complete an apprenticeship and become licensed tradespersons. Whilst undertaking your apprenticeship with NECA Group Training (who will be your employer) you will be placed (“hosted”) with an electrical contractor (Host Trainer) to obtain on-the-job practical skills and attend TAFE one day per week for approximately three years. At your induction, you will be given a uniform, PPE (personal protective equipment) and tool box. All costs of employment are meet by NECA Group Training, this includes paying the apprentices wage, including superannuation, workers compensation, sick leave, annual leave, RDO’s, TAFE fees, reimbursement of work boots, supply of uniform and initial PPE equipment.